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About FCS Technology

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistin-guishable from magic.

Grounded firmly on a commitment to serve students, staff, faculty, and administration, the FCS Technology Team members work tirelessly to ensure that the latest educational technology resources are available. Providing exemplary 5-Star service is a mantra the team endeavors to deliver.

Providing the tools is only a portion of the departments' goal. Technology Team members assist teachers in understanding how to use technology through professional development opportunities and close interaction with Instructional Parnters within each school.

The FCS Technology Team serves 5000+ users, supports 6000+ devices, maintains a robust wireless infrastructure at all 10 FCS sites, and provides a 1GB Fiber WAN with 750MB of internet access.

  • 100% of students in Grades K-2 have 1:1 access to iPads. 100% of students in Grades 3-12 have 1:1 access to Chromebooks.

  • All FCS facilities have robust wireless access in all instructional areas.

  • All students can complete work and view instructional resources without the need for home Internet access.

  • The commitment to 1:1 computing allows students and teachers to collaborate and communicate efficiently.

FCS Technology Team

Providing 5-Star service

Chris Westbrook

Director of Instruction, Innovation, and Technology

Todd Manley

Technology Specialist

Adam Edwards

Technology System Engineer

Chris Satkamp

PC/Network Technician

Jacob Robinson

PC/Network Technician

Chase Cleveland

Technology Technician

Aaron Penningtion

Technology Technician

Josh Skipworth

Technology Technician

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